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Lyrics - Gypsy Laddie

Three gypsies cam' tae oor ha' door,
An' O! but they sang bonnie, O,
They sang sae sweet and sae complete,
That they stole the heart of a lady, O.

Lord Castles' lady came down the stair
And all her maidens behind her O,
She had a bottle of the red wine in her hand
For to treat all the gypsy laddies wi' O.

She's treated them a' wi' a bottle of red wine
Likewise with a little ginger O,
Till one of them stepped up by her side
Stole the gold ring from off her finger O.

It's you'll cast off your bonny silken dress
Put on my tartan plaidie O,
And you' awa the lee lang day
For to follow the gypsy laddie O'.

She's casten off her bonny silken dress
Putten on his tartan plaidie,
And she's awa' the lee lang day
For to follow the gypsy laddie O.

Lord Castles he came home at night
Inquiring for his lady,
The one denied, and the other replied
She's awa' wi' the gypsy laddies O.

Make haste, make haste my milk-white steed
Make haste and soon be ready,
For I will neither eat no drink
Or I get back my lady O.

They've rode east and they've rode west
Until they cam to yonder boggy,
And there they spied the pretty girl
Wi' the gipsies a' stanin' roon her O.

It's you'll come back and back you'll come
It's you'll come back to me, my lady,
For I will neither eat nor drink
Or ye come back aside me O'.

I winna come back, my ain guid lord
Nor will I come back aside ye,
For I've made a vow, and I will keep it true
For to follow the gypsy laddies O'.

Haven't ye gotten gold, love and haven't you gotten store
And haven't ye gotten treasures three.
And haven't ye gotten all that ye want
And three bonny boys to amuse ye wi?'

Oh yes my lord I have gotten gold and store
Oh yes I have gotten treasures three.
Oh yes I have gotten all that I want
And three bonny boys to amuse me wi'.

There is sixteen o' you, a' great men
And none o' you to ca' bonny O,
But ye shall all hanged be
For the stealin' awa' Lord Castles' lady O.

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