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Kelso Folk Club

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Kelso Folk Club

Kelso Folk Club
Town/City: Kelso
Venue: The Cobbles Inn, Bowmont Street
Day: Friday
Start time: 10.00pm
Contact name: David Kilpatrick
Contact phone:  
Contact email: david@maxwellplace.demon.co.uk
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The Kelso Folk and Live Music Club’s home for the last few years has been The Cobbles Inn on Bowmont Street. The Friday night sessions start after 9pm and may attract anything from two or three regulars - a rare instance now - to over twenty musicians and singers with visitors from far afield.

Acoustic guitars form the mainstay for singers but you’ll encounter electronic smallpipes and piano, accordion, melodeon, five-string banjo, flute, fiddle, whistle, bouzouki, mandolin, harmonica, hand percussion, ukulele-banjo, acoustic bass and many other instruments. Unaccompanied singing is appreciated just as much as a full dance-tune stramash and you’ll hear originals from the 12th the 21st centuries.

Because The Cobbles Inn is a restaurant, children are welcome. It is a safe environment with a friendly atmosphere. Closing on Friday nights tends to happen on Saturday morning; it’s a late session. Taxis leaves from a few yards outside the pub door, and the location right in the centre of Kelso is very easy to find. The pub was completely remodelled in early 2008.

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