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Ian Walker

Ian Walker

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Ian Walker

Ian Walker and Ian BruceIan started singing in The Glasgow Folk Centre in the 1960s. Since then he has been resident at Kilmarnock, Linlithgow and Quarter Folk Clubs. He sings and plays banjo, autoharp, guitar and percussion.

Over the years, his music has attracted awards for traditional singing at the Kinross and Thurso Festivals, for song writing at various clubs and festivals and for excellence from the Music Retailers Association (MRA) in London. Recently, he was nominated for the British Country Music Association (BCMA) Awards in London.

Ian has recorded over a dozen albums (three with Fellside Recordings, Cumbria) and published two songbooks. His songs like "Some Hae Meat", "Hawks and Eagles" and "Mr. Bloom" (and many more) have been covered by numerous singers worldwide. He has recorded and performed with the traditional Irish - Scottish band Setanta and with country roots singer Jimmy Scott and has also worked with The New Makars Trust creating new songs in schools and with older people.

Apart from clubs and festivals he works in communities with Generation Arts and The Alzheimers Society. Recently, after twenty five years, he has teamed up again with Ian Bruce (www.ianbruce.org). They are song writing and performing once more as a duo.

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