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Christopher James Sheridan

Christopher James Sheridan

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Christopher James SheridanChristopher James Sheridan is a singer/songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland. Largely influenced by the American and British folk movements of the late 1950s and 1960s, Christopher has been writing and performing his own material since early 2004. A self-taught guitarist and harmonica player, Christopher has been involved in a number of different musical projects over recent years - most notably with his on-going, long-term involvement with the Glasgow-Irish 'Folk'n'Roll' group 'The Wakes' (2006-present). As harmonica player (and sometime guitarist) he has released 3 albums with 'The Wakes' and as a session musician, he has contributed to the work of many other artists and bands on the Glasgow music scene.

Being a 'folkie' at heart, however, Christopher sites the likes of Eric Andersen, Woody Guthrie, Dave Van Ronk, Arlo Guthrie, Ralph Christopher James SheridanMcTell, Donovan and Tom Paxton as being among the most significant influences on his music. In 2014, Christopher was awarded a Master's Degree in Songwriting and Performance from the University of the West of Scotland and his debut solo EP 'Old Fashioned Pound Notes' was released by Smart Indie/EM Records in May.

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