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Scottish folk singer

Scottish folk singer

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Tap O The Hill

Tap O The HillBrian, Mike and Bob's original incarnation of "Tap O' The Hill" took place in 1989. After borrowing money from Prince Charles and armed with a demo cassette they headed out to spread their sound around Scotland. They play a mixture of traditional and original material featuring songs and tunes with a Celtic connection on voice, guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, whistles, moothie, banjolin and bohdran.

The band toured around the north and west of Scotland initially then appearances at Folk Clubs and gigs in Edinburgh and Glasgow led Tap O The Hillto a live appearance on Radio Scotland's "Travelling Folk" with Archie Fisher and Danny Kyle. This can be heard, along with various other bits and pieces, in our demo on the MEDIA page! Now after many moons the stars aligned and fate reformed Tap O' The Hill. They are based in Tayside but plan to play as far afield as possible. An Album will be released in the spring! The name comes from the area at the tap o' the Hilltoon in Dundee. Marked by the Hilltoon clock

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