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SelkieThe duo, Selkie were formed in the early 80’s and are Hector Gilchrist and Liz Thomson. Their sensitive renditions of contemporary and traditional songs have delighted audiences throughout the U.K. and further afield. They are regular visitors to Ireland and appeared annually at the prestigious Paddy O Brien Aonach in Nenagh, for almost a decade. They are also welcome guests at the various 'Singers Circle' gatherings throughout the region.

The commitment to their individual 'day jobs' has inevitably impacted on their availability, but they have found the time to record two CD’s on the well known record label 'Wildgoose'.

Liz has a keen interest in traditional music in particular and a natural flair for understated harmony lines once described as 'the sweet and wild of Scotland' which create a unique and compelling blend with Hector’s rich voice and simple guitar technique. Repeat invitations to various venues are testimony to their skills and popularity.

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