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Rallion are a four piece contemporary folk group who bring a wide range of musical influences together to create their powerful persuasive music. Their unique sound is based around the double fiddle powerhouse of Fiona Cuthill and Andrew Lyons, the voice of Marieke McBean and the virtuoso playing of Steve Lawrence. In 2006 they released their first album 'For No-one and Everyone' to very favourable reviews.

Marieke McBean was born in The Netherlands, but moved to Scotland in 2001 due to her love of traditional Scottish music. Over the past seven years she has been an active participant in the Edinburgh session scene.

Stevie Lawrence has been a mainstay with Iron Horse for 3 years. Since leaving the band, he has toured and recorded with Anna Murray, Tannas, Canterach, Chris Armstrong and Mick West. Stevie also regularly performs with the successful 'Red Hot Chilli Pipers'.

Andrew Lyons is from south of the border. He has played fiddle for most of his life but also plays the mandola, cittern, mandolin and anything else he can lay his hands on. Andrew also writes, performs and is recording his own music.

Fiona Cuthill was born and bred in Glasgow and has lived there all her life. She was classically trained in violin by Bill Baxter. Fiona has been a member of several traditional/folk bands in her career so far, including Whirligig, Canterach, and Real Time.

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