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Luce Women - Cathy

Luce Women - Gerda

Luce Women - Pat

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Luce Women

Luce WomenHaving met at Stranraer Folk Club, the band was formed in August 2000, playing our first gig at Bladnoch Distillery. It has taken us to Ireland, Whitby, Both Sides the Tweed, Inverness Hootenanny, Teesdale Thrash amongst others. We are working on our 4th CD, the others being 'Luce Women', 'Fiddle with Luce Women' with Australian fiddler James Gastineau-Hills, and 'Fair are the Flowers'. The three of us have very diverse tastes, from Robert Burns, English unaccompanied tradition, Cajun, Bluegrass, etc. But what we have in common is a love of music made to be listened to, not talked over. We would rather play for free to an appreciative audience than be paid to be background music!

Gerda played and sang with No Moki Review, Gertrude, Cow Ate the Blanket, and Pickin,Blant and Squires as well as a solo career, before joining Luce Women. She is the low voice, and plays guitar and English concertina.

Cathy was involved in harmony singing from an early age with her family, and subsequently with her husband and children in a family band. Hers is the high voice, and she plays guitar, mandolin, and banjo.

Pat came to professional music just a few years ago, teaching herself the mandolin, and finding all those difficult third harmonies that make the sound so beautiful. She plays all the complex mandolin parts, and is a well-known face at the sessions in Wigtownshire

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