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DanteDante is essentially the creative output of Seán McLaughlin, who is also a member of The Birthday Suit (the side project of Idlewild guitarist, Rod Jones). Written in the Shetland Islands and featuring traditional fiddler, Vicky Gray (ex Aberfeldy) threads of traditional folk and Scottish indie intertwine throughout. The remainder of the line-up compromises of drummer Ruaridh Kidd, mandolinist Stephen Thom and bassist Stuart Hosking, adding energetic, vibrant and rock-orientated dimensions to live versions of the material, to create a dynamic and exciting show.

Dante have spent the last two years working on their first full-length album, 'Wake', with Frightened Rabbit guitarist, Andy Monghan. DanteDrawing on indie and folk influences in unusually equal measure, The Herald has described the new material as a collection of "folk-flecked gems". In the meantime, an album sampler track/single, 'Cheen', is out now! 'Cheen' sees the band further develop the lo-fi Scottish alternative roots sound from their first release, The Monochrome EP, whilst moving into something altogether more grand. A sign of things to come... LP, 'Wake', is released October 2013.

Dante recently performed a well-received album pre-launch at Electric Circus in Edinburgh, two shows at Eden Festival in Dumfries, as well as further gigs over May and June in Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and again Edinburgh, including support slots with The Birthday Suit and headline performances, and are looking forward to touring extensively in September/October 2013 in support of the new album release. Facebook:facebook.com/wearedante Twitter: @wearedante Bandcamp:http://wearedante.bandcamp.com/ Soundcloud:soundcloud.com/wearedante.

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