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Eclectic Ceilidh Band

Eclectic Ceilidh Band

Eclectic Ceilidh Band

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Eclectic Ceilidh Club

The Eclectic Ceilidh Club, is a Glasgow based, Fiddle Led four piece from different backgrounds who share a love of dance & Celtic music. Ceilidhs should be great fun! But not just for those who are Eclectic Ceilidh Bandalready familiar with the dance steps. Aside from the music, the 'secret' of a great ceilidh is in the dance 'calling' where, in just a few minutes, people who have never danced at a ceilidh before find that they can learn the steps with ease.

Eclectic Ceilidh Club guarantee a fantastic night's entertainment with dances interspersed with traditional song so that the participants can take well-earned breathers! We perform not only traditional Scots & Irish music, but also tunes from the U.S.A. & Canada, the Basque country, Asia, and beyond, all of which, perhaps surprisingly, make the perfect accompaniment to Scottish country dance.

We can also run a disco , with a playlist of your choice, or simply leave it to us! Through our association with the Cleveden String Quartet, we can also add a touch of class to your wedding reception, setting the tone as your guests arrive for the function.

Customer service is very important to us. Wherever possible, we will meet with you in person to discuss your requirements in detail. This focus on delivering expectations precisely has built a level of expertise which enables us to tailor a package that meets your needs within your budget.

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